Enter the Vegan long distance cyclist.

Enter the Vegan long distance cyclist.

I started following a vegan diet in April 2015, literally right after the funeral of my beloved dad.  Years ago I was vegetarian, but then chose the meat eating lifestyle.  30 years later, weight-gain, high blood pressure, and the need to keep healthy and feeling young, started to nibble.  I had always loved vegetables, why bother with the world of meat at all?  I thoughts turned once again to vegetarianism, but again… the very foods I loved were the ones that gave me high blood pressure.   So ditch the meat, ditch the dairy, and ditch the eggs.


Although I follow the vegan diet, I consider myself a strict vegetarian, as I still knit and crochet with my favourite fibre – wool.  I cant really see myself ditching that. For one thing, I have a house full of the stuff, all awaiting using up.

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