Hand Dyed Yarn WIP Continued….

Hand Dyed Yarn WIP Continued….

After three days drying time (house was cold) 😦  My hand dyed yarn is finally ready to ball up and to get going on the new project – crochet cushions.

See what I’m up to, and how I hand dyed my yarn:    Hand dyed Yarn for Crochet Cushions

I really enjoy hand dyeing yarn.

Here is another project I did earlier this year.  It was a CAL (Crochet Along Project) called the Lily Pad by Jane Crowfoot. Stylecraft Lily Pad Crochet Pattern

Originally I was going to work this in the recommended yarn and colour way as suggested by the designers.   I waited and waited for the purchased yarn to arrive, but the suppliers were constantly out of stock. I simply got fed up waiting, so I set about hand dyeing plain blank yarns and getting my own colour versions.  They came out differently from the commercial as expected, but I loved the doing of it, and loved the final outcome.  Once crocheted up, it was very special indeed.  Now in the procession of our youngest daughter – keeping her warm at University. 🙂

IMG_0872The Lily Pad Crocheted blanket created using hand dyed yarns

It took less time to buy the blanks, and dye the individual colours in my kitchen, than the waiting for the commercial yarn was going to take.  An added bonus was that I could complete the blanket in pure wool as well.  All my blanks were purchased from World of Wool.  World of Wool blanks

My next project, and the one I’m currently making is following the Enchanted Garden Tote bag, Tote Bag Pattern Here  which combines the Crocodile Flower Square Crocodile Flower by Joyce Lewis Pattern Here, and Dedri Uys who was the designer of the Sophie Universe Crochet Along.  The pattern for this is free online here: Sophie’s Universe Free Pattern  I am not making the tote bag, but instead using the front panel design which I will turn into a pair of cushions for our front room.

Here are the balled up yarns that I hand dyed, and are now ready for this project to get started with:


Hand dyed 100% merino yarn ready to GO!

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