About me

That aging process! How did that happen, occasionally I peek at a mirror and Im somewhat shocked at this person staring back at me.  What happened, I used the expensive face creams for years, can I get my money back?

A little bit about myself. My family are nearly all grown up, but they think they are grown up of course.  I was there once, seeing my parents age before me, now its my children’s turn as the clock of time chugs ever onward.  This blog is for them of course, and I dedicate my time in the hope that one day my girls might be interested in what I had to say once-apon-a-time without a book in my lap.

Sportive in Pitlochry Scotland The Etape Caledonia

Sportive in Pitlochry Scotland The Etape Caledonia

OK… Life interests then.  Not too many…

Cycling – only discovered recently but its great and wish I had found it years ago.

I discovered my love of cycling in 2007, when a size 22 woman told herself that enough was enough! Obesity and the prospect of aging more quickly than was fair, was the inspiration required to lose weight, and this was done with the help of an old spider webbed, rusty framed bike.  I promised myself, that if I could cycle to work throughout the winter, I would treat myself to a new bicycle….

Joined Audax UK in 2008, and so began long distance cycling.  If only I had more time….

Family –  Two fabulous daughters, Beth and Rosie and a loving husband called ‘Shedman’.

Friends too many to mention.  All of whom are fun to be with.

Cats we have cats…. lots of cats….    OK, we have a few of these.  Im a sucker for a sad story, and we have 9 rescue cats from various backgrounds, living with us.  (Or should that read… off us?)

At the end of my Lands End John O Groats tour

At the end of my Lands End John O Groats tour

I love cycle touring, and have done a few now, plus some CTC’s as well.  My big one in 2016 is an Irish End to End with my pal Caroline.  Lots of learn with that ride.

Began a vegan or strict vegetarian lifestyle in 2015 when my blood pressure rose and my general health took a dip.  Long distance cycling and vegan eating.  It can be done you know!

Crafting, wont discuss that just yet, makes me look old.

Somewhere in this list there should be work, because thankfully I love my job


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