The utility Vegan Mayonnaise… is it a mayo or is it a dip or both?

Vegan Mayonnaise

At just about 20 calories a tablespoon this stuff is a win win, no matter if your slashing it on your salad, daubing it in your potato or rolling your raw carrots or celery into it.  High in protein, and for a mayo low in fat.


My ‘meat-munching-man’ loves it too, so Ive ditched the Hellmanns  and once a week, I whiz up variations of this stuff.

Basic recipe is this:

One complete pack of silken Tofu – it came in a 349g packet (Im lazy, and couldn’t be bothered to save any, so just slung in the lot while experimenting with this, and hey…. it seems to work).

2 generous teasp of mustard, Dijon or English

Juice of half a lemon

1 teaspoon cider vinegar or wine vinegar

Half teasp salt

60 ml (quarter cup) of any veg oil, but choose a mild flavoured variety, I use peanut or grapeseed oil to great success here.

Put everything in your food processor and blitz away until super smooth, and jar it up.  No need to be gentle a good battering in the blender does the trick.


Keeps in the fridge for about a week, no oil splitting out of the emulsion, it stays as it should as a mayonnaise!  Great!

This mayonnaise recipe can also double up as dip for anything from potato crisps, to celery, carrots to corn chips, and bread fingers to pickled beetroot.


Results:  A good strong emulsion that holds its self well, and is glossy and attractive.  Has a great flavour balance.  Have tried this on hot toast and the mayonnaise still keeps together without the oil separating out.  I’m very pleased with this lot.

Variation 1:

All of basic recipe plus

1 crushed glove of garlic

2 teasp dried dill.

Very nice indeed…. as a garlic mayonnaise.


Variation 2:  Horseradish Mayo

All of basic recipe plus

2 teaspoon of washabi extract (I got mine from Tesco, tastes like horseradish)

About 6-8 capers (I used pickled ones)

half or less of a small red chilli ( you can go wild if you wish of course)

Table spoon of tomato puree

Blitz together


Variation 3:

All basic recipe above


1 x clove of garlic crushed

2 table spoons of good quality chutney.

Chilli or curry madras powder, and you have a very nice dip indeed here.







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