Piccalilli – the Food of the Gods

Gotta add flavour!


The most important thing to me is well flavoured food.  I now have quite a few favourite dressings to add to my vegan plate.  This is one of them.

Its a Jamie Oliver recipe, and the only thing I changed in it, was the flour, where I changed this to Dove Gluten Free instead of the usual cupboard stuff, my eldest is GF intolerant and this means she can enjoy a daub of Piccalilli on her salad as well.

Oh, and I carefully removed ALL the chilli seeds.  I like a small amount of chilli, but as yet I cant see the full attraction of this seed pod.  I use chilli as a flavour enhancer, but I dont want my food to ONLY taste of chilli.

Jamie Oliver’s Piccalilli recipe

Ive made all sorts of pickles and chutneys throughout my life, and Piccalilli too.  This one is the best Piccalilli recipes I have as yet to try.


Vegetables all chopped and ready for a brine soak for an hour in the fridge.


One tip.  When the sauce and the vegetables are all combined and your waiting for the vegetables to gently cook and soften, stir the pan every 2-3 minutes as the veg/sauce ratio is quite high, and the Piccalilli can catch on the bottom of the saucepan.

You can always tell if your pickle will mature well.  If it tastes ok, but a bit rough round the edges before you jar it up for storage, you KNOW its gonna be good.  I am really looking forward to the beginning of December when this can finally be added to my plate.


Job done. Jamie Oliver suggested this recipes makes 5 x 450ml jars.  I made 6 of them.  I suppose it depends on the vegetables used.



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