Enter the Vegan long distance cyclist.

I started following a vegan diet in April 2015, literally right after the funeral of my beloved dad.  Years ago I was vegetarian, but then chose the meat eating lifestyle.  30 years later, weight-gain, high blood pressure, and the need to keep healthy and feeling young, started to nibble.  I had always loved vegetables, why bother with the world of meat at all?  I thoughts turned once again to vegetarianism, but again… the very foods I loved were the ones that gave me high blood pressure.   So ditch the meat, ditch the dairy, and ditch the eggs.


Although I follow the vegan diet, I consider myself a strict vegetarian, as I still knit and crochet with my favourite fibre – wool.  I cant really see myself ditching that. For one thing, I have a house full of the stuff, all awaiting using up.

So far, the only slight hassle has been the fact that meals take a bit longer to prepare, but the food is so much nicer than I ever imagined it to be.  I suppose, I was being dragged along by the opinion of people who have never tried vegan food, but I was aware in the back of my mind, as I took the path of vegan eating, that to be prepared to eat plain, bland, boring food and never to be able to eat socially again. Goodness how wrong was I.


Regrets?  I wish I had started this way of eating a long time ago.  I suppose when you think about it, a piece of chicken can be boring.  Place it in water, heat said water, and serve.  There… thats what meat eaters like isnt it?  (wearing the shoe on the other foot).  Instead, my palate has been awash with flavours.  I am a lucky lass.  My mum was a great cook, and she showed and encouraged me on the path ahead – to experiment, and to try stuff.   Most nights I am in our kitchen testing out recipes.

The most recent and most important has been to try to improve the lot of the humble mayonnaise.  Mayonnaise that is egg free, and by golly, Ive done it.

Recipe to follow with glorious photographs of course. How does veganism relate to cycling?  Well it doesnt really, other than the fact, that I can still cycle for yonks all day long, and for so far at least, 100miles at a time with no more ill effects than people eating meat do. I have a plan though, a big picture indeed …. To ride London – Edinburgh – London in just 116 hours in total.

Thats a lotta riding folks.  Its a big ask….  And to do it and keep vegan, simply adds to the challenge.



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