It’s Time for Change…..

After more than a year off my bicycle, Im back on her!

With a new plan too.   As a member of Audax UK, I have the stupid na…. grand idea that I might give London Edinburgh London a try.  This is Audax UK’s longest or at least one of the longest rides in their UK calendar.  It only occurs every 4 years, and the next biggie is in 2017.  Getting your ‘ticket to ride’ is hard enough, but in 2013 when this event last ran, myself and my eldest daughter Beth, took up the lesser challenge and became a volunteer at one of the larger controls.  This meant we both got an automatic entry into the next LEL.  Thus why I fancy giving it a go.

I will be 54 years of age by then, and I really dont think Ill be going it more than once….   It will be a challenge.

Things that have changed.  Ive had a hysterectomy, Im older, much fatter, and I now follow a vegan diet.  All of these things will bring along their own challenges to riding LEL.  With luck the fatter word will reduce!


So… I thought I would put my big plans into action and heck…. include them on this bloggie thing, that I have let lapse far too long.


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