Lemon cordial.. Spiffing or what?

There is nothing like homemade lemonade cordial.  It can add valuable energy to your water bottle for your cycling exploits and pucker your cheeks in refreshment at the same time.  Non-alcoholic, its suitable for everyone (diabetics not allowed tho’).  If you want some kick, add some gin or vodka and top with fizzy water.

These speak for themselves!

These speak for themselves!

This stuff is truly lovely, and once made, you will not see the bottle bought stuff in quite the same way ever again.

Dont leave out the tartaric and citric acid though folks,these acids are important for flavour (think homemade soup with no salt…)  Available from most brew shops or the local chemist.

My supplier is: http://www.hopshopuk.com

My mum passed me this recipe, and she knew a thing or two about good food and how to refresh your taste buds on a warm day.  It takes me back to my childhood as soon as I taste it.  Fantastic, magical stuff.


1 litre water

12 g tartaric acid

12 g citric acid

8 lemons strained and the zest off 2 of these.

1kg sugar.



Grate off lemon zest from 2 lemons, now squeeze all 8 lemons and sieve juice to remove pips and pulp.  Add to saucepan containing the sugar and water.  Heat to dissolve sugar, bring almost to a boil then turn off the heat.  When cool add the tartaric and citric acid.  Allow to cool completely to room temperature before filling bottles.

Heating lemon, with ginger and elderflowers.

Heating lemon, with ginger and elderflowers.

This recipe made 2 litres of cordial.    Sieve out the lemon rind and keep the cordial in sterilised bottles in the fridge.

If kept in fridge – drink within one month.  (might keep longer, it has never been left long enough to find out what happens to it after a month)  🙂


There you have it, the BEST cordial ever

There you have it, the BEST cordial ever

Enjoy it folks, a real taste of summer!


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