Last of my lovely girls grows up. Rosie is 18

This is it.

The final part of being a mum.  😦

Im not looking forward to the next phase of my life.  In one aspect it will be the best part of my life, a sign that Shedman and I ‘did things right’ cos there really is no book on how to raise a family into well balanced people able to support and care for families of their own and to follow their dreams.  But, this is the bit most mums dread.  The children finding their own feet and leaving the nest.  That nest will feel so empty and void for me –  So these days, Im re-feathering it as fast as I can, with lots of things to do.

Today is Rosie’s 18th.  She is now all grown up, and the last of the brood.

Holly from Red Dwarf - new technology makes this come true!

Holly from Red Dwarf – new technology makes this come true!

Rosie didnt want a party or a big do.  She is going to have a holiday away from home later this year with her friends and Shedman and I are funding that holiday – shudder…  Another dread…

But today, we are hosting a small family dinner party.  Eldest is in Uni and has to miss unfortunately because she is at the end of her second year and is needed in her books, we will have another more intimate get together when she returns.

Got up at 5.30am to start the cake.

Rosie wanted a fruit gateau for her 18th birthday cake, I spent a good while online looking for suitable recipes and came across this one:

As meringue is also required in this cake, I’m using the top recipe as a sponge base, then adding some mergine layers to this as well, then topping the lot off with lashings of cream and decorating it.

Here is where I got my meringue recipe from:

Here goes then…


After several hours, baking and dividing sponges, drying out meringues, whipping cream, washing and slicing fruit and using homemade berry jam.  Here is Rosies 18th Birthday cake, a gateau as requested:

Rosies 18th birthday Gateau

Rosies 18th birthday Gateau

Im a bit pleased with it.

Glad I made it on the day of her 18th though, because I discovered that meringue doesnt stay crisp for very long. I wonder how the professionals keep it crisp?  Perhaps I should not have ‘housed’ the meringue inside the cream?  Anyway, no one really noticed so it really doesnt matter.

Her birthday was on a school night – Rosie is studying her A levels to become an engineer, as all her friends of course are also on a school night, the evening in question was close family only.

She huffed, and she puffed and she....

She huffed, and she puffed and she….

As it happened, technology kept us all together.  Even Beth, Rosie’s sister popped in via Skype, we have renamed Beth – ‘Holly’ from the computer on Red Dwarf.  🙂  Funny isnt it, how so many bits of old si-fi pop into our lives as real technology these days.

Beth 'Holly' visits us from University on Rosies' birthday!

Beth ‘Holly’ visits us from University on Rosies’ birthday!

The food on the night was splendid.  I was indeed a lucky mum, because Rosie wanted to do the main course herself!  – See I have done summat right!  Rosie is a big fan of Chinese food.  The starters were purchased from the local Chinese its self to save time, but then Rosie made the most scrummy Ti king prawns, and this was married up with her own version of sweet and sour pork with home made egg fried rice.  We all ate like Kings (or pigs what ever….) and were soon fit to bursting.

The drinks that evening were home-brewed Ginger beer with homemade lemonade cordial for those driving and bottled (real) wine.

It was indeed a night to remember, and the last of the important birthday celebrations.  This year I was 50 and Rosie was 18.


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